Hello People,

I have been gifted of a wonderful IBM PowerPC machine running AIX
4.3.3. I am an OS/2 user and I have been using OS/2 + Lotus Domino Go
Webserver for quite a while ( it was included in the Aurora box
). I tried to locate a version for AIX and I bought at a baragain sale
an open box of Lotus Domino Go Webserver 4.6.1.

However, I would like to run the same version on both my PC with OS/2
and my PowerPC machine running on AIX. Is there someone kind enough to
pass me a copy of Lotus Domino Go Webserver for AIX ? I am
using this for educational purposes only, in fact, it's only for my
enjoyment and study within my LAN. The product has been long defunct, I
don't think passing me a copy is a damage to anyone...

I am into vintage computing and enjoy setting up and playing with
obsolete softwares... The joy of being old and retired :-(

Thanks for your help in advance. I think it should be around 8 Mb or