we have a client who is currently backing up his p550 to a local box,
but wants to implement some DR scheme where he backs up to a remote
server that can take over serving the app if his original box goes
down. they have leased a T1 line for this purpose, but don't want to
spend any money on backup software. they want to do everything with
crontabs/rcopy scripts, etc...

has anyone done this before, or does anyone have any suggestions as to
what "free" solutions might be best?... should I just hack up his
current backup scripts, or should I start fresh and maybe have cron run
a script to do mksysb's & savevg's... then maybe tar or otherwise
compress the data and send it over the line with ftp/sftp... or what?

I'm just looking for some general thoughts/ideas/input from someone who
may have done something like this... I can take care of the details