Urgent: Onsite/Hyd - Infra Mgmt (AIX, Solaris, DB2 UDB, Oracle, Tivoli


A CMM Level 5 company is looking Infrastructure Management /
Administration professionals for its Hyderabad location.
There is an element of onsite (in Europe) to this position.

The positions relate to (further details are below): -

a. AIX
b. Solaris
c. DB2 UDB
d. Oracle
e. Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)

IMPORTANT: - Please keep the following points in mind before mailing
your CV.


2. Location for these positions is Hyderabad.

3. If you are sending your CVs, please put in relevant subject for the
mail; for e.g. "AIX - 7 yrs" or "Solaris - 5 yrs"

4. Detailed Description of Requirements

a. Sr. AIX System Administrator
Location: Europe/Hyderabad
Experience: Must have minimum 7years of relevant experience.
Skill Sets:
AIX System Administration, should have worked on
System Management for AIX(e.g.: OS tools, Tivoli)
Installation (AIX), Monitoring/Performance/Workload AIX, Network
installation management (AIX), PKG / RPM
Implementation of Security concepts.
Performance monitoring of Servers, Performance Tests (AIX).
Linux SUSE SLES8,9
LPAR Configuration
Patch updates and upgrades of the AIX
Expertise in Maintenance Level
Installation of new IBM hardware Linux SUSE SLES 8, 9 ITIL (Basic
Preferred skills:
Linux Knowledge (SUSE 8,9)
Installation on Power 5 servers
Database knowledge (Oracle, DB2)
BEA Weblogic, IBM Websphere, UC4, Beta93UX.

b. Solaris - System Administrator
Location: Europe/Hyderabad.
Experience: Must have minimum 5 to 7 years of relevant experience.
Administration of complex systems.
Performance monitoring of servers and fine tuning, using TIVOLI.
Solaris System Administration and implementation of security
Mandatory Expertise:
Solaris 2.7, 2.8, 2.9.
Veritas volume Manager & SDS Volume Manager
Scripting & Automation of System Administration Job
System Management for Solaris (e.g. OS tools, Tivoli.)
ITIL (basic knowledge)
Preferred skills:
Database knowledge (Oracle, DB2)
BEA Weblogic, IBM websphere.

c. Database Administrator- DB2 UDB for LUW
Location: Europe/Hyderabad.
Experience: Must have minimum 5 to 7 years of relevant experience.
Mandatory Expertise:
DB2 UDB for LUW V 7/8 (Linux, UNIX, Windows)
Knowledge of data partitioning facility
Should be able to understand UNIX scripts (ksh)
Backup and recover using TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager)
In depth knowledge of Cloning / User Administration/ Performance
Analysis, Patching, Migration, monitoring and reporting
DB Cloning
Preferred skills:
MS-SQL server
Sybase V12
Unix Scripting

d. Database Administrator
Location: Europe/Hyderabad.
Experience: -Must have minimum 5 to 7 years of relevant experience.
Create, modify, delete and recovery of Databases.
Cloning of Databases using RMAN, cloning of Oracle applications,
cloning on Request.
Handling back up related issues (backup and recovery with Oracle
SQL tuning, patching, implementation of database patches.
Participation in DR/BCP procedures.
Database Migration (Oracle 7-8-9)
Patch Management
Mandatory Expertise:
Oracle Certification
Knowledge of Oracle8i/9i.
Backup monitoring
Knowledge of SAN / TSM(Tivoli Storage Management)
Operating knowledge of UNIX(AIX and Solaris) with scripting
Oracle RAC on AIX and HACMP (Operation and Troubleshooting)
Preferred skills:
MS-SQL server
Knowledge of Oracle 7.
UNIX scripting (Ksh, sh) such as DB start up shutdown scripts
understanding and use.

e. TSM - Administrator
Location: Europe/Hyderabad.
Experience: - Must have minimum 6 years of relevant experience.
Day-to-Day TSM administration
Health check TSM environment.
TSM server availability/performance.
TSM database and recovery logs.
TSM library and tape drives.
Configure TSM clients & TSM TDP.
Client administration.
Reporting (using MYSql / DB2 to collect Data)
Mandatory Expertise:
In depth knowledge of TSM Server and Client administration, TSM
Operational Reporting Tivoli Data Protection for Mail, Tivoli Data
Protection for Databases
Working knowledge of , Tivoli Remote Control and Microsoft Remote
Desktop, FTP/SSH/SCP and Telnet, Windows, AIX, Solaris operating
systems, UC4 job scheduling, disaster recovery procedures (Process is
being developed)
DR concepts and procedures
ITSM Basic/ advanced knowledge.
IBM Certified Deployment professional for Tivoli storage manager.

Preferred skills:

PERL (no development)
Project experience in implementing TSM in ITIL frame work
TSM accounting experience.