On our UNIX AIX machines I sometimes have a need to run multiple UNIX
sessions simultaneously. At the master console the root user keys
"xinit" to start X server. To close the X server environment I "exit"
from all UNIX sessions then R-click in the blank screen. In the "Root
Menu" box displayed I choose "end session" then "Quit". A small "QUIT
Mwm" box appears where I click "OK". The X server environment does not
close cleanly and eventually is terminated by a system generated
"kill". The following messages are shown as this unfolds:

1356-806 init: Waiting for X server to shut down.
..................... (Sixty dots ".")...............................
xinit: X server slow to shut down, sending KILL signal.
1356-806 init: Waiting for server to die.

A few seconds after the final message is displayed the X server
environment closes and I am returned to my original AIX session. That
is where I had keyed "xinit". My system works normally from then on.

The "KILL signal" message first appeared very recently. Before that the
messages displayed were the two lines:
1356-806 init: Waiting for X server to shut down.
Followed immediately by the shutdown of X server.

Recently our UNIX administrator upgraded the AIX operating system from
5200-03 to 5200-09 on three machines. Each one now has the same problem
closing X server. Two machines that are still 5200-03 do not have the
problem, so I suspect 5200-09 may be to blame.

Has anyone experienced the problem described above?

Thank you,