hi all

i just recently got a weird problem about a crashed jfs2 filesystem. it
was fixes by a reboot. but i would like to share my experience and see
if you gurus have better ideas about this kind of problems.

we have a temporary filesystem for our custom scripts. it hung up all
processes which were accessing this filesystem and all processes were
not able to be killed by kill -9. the fuser -ku /filesystem is not able
to disconnect all processes, either. i tried to go into this filesystem
and run ls, it worked. but command ls -la hung up again. i also ran
fsck to this filesystem when it still mounted, command got hung as
well. the funniest thing was there wasn't any errpt log in this system.
after consulting IBM support engineer, they suggested a reboot to
release all processes to this filesystem and ran a fsck to check this
filesystem. after reboot, everything went back normal and the
filesystem and the assigned log device were ok as well. i also noticed
there was not any fsck ran during booting process for any filesystem.

i have no idea if jfs/jfs2 filesystem has this shortage to handle this
kind of situation when a filesystem is sitting the edge of crash. or
there are other things needed to check before reboot.

any idea or suggest will be appreciated,

Thanks in advance,