On a two node AIX 5.3 and HACMP 5.3 cluster I see following message
when I verify cluster:
Please let me know if it is risky to run cl_sync with interactive/Yes
Is there a possibility of wrong VGDAs copied to correct. I hope that
VG stamps those are more current only will be synced to previous. Is
that right?
Last lines of verification output are as follows:

Verifying Cluster Resources...
A corrective action is available for the condition reported below:

WARNING: The HACMP timestamp file for shared volume group: groupdvg is
with the time stamp in the VGDA for the following nodes: groupdb

To correct the above condition, run verification & synchronization with
"Automatically correct errors found during verification?" set to either
or 'Interactive'. The cluster must be down for the corrective action
to run.

Corrective actions can be enabled for Verification and Synchronization
in the HACMP
extended Verification and Synchronization SMIT fastpath "cl_sync".
Alternatively use the Initialization and Standard Configuration ->
Verification and
Synchronization path where corrective actions always executed in
interactive mode.
__________________________________________________ _________________________________

Verifying XD Solutions...

Verification has completed normally.