After installing via NIM and rebooting I foung that I have console
connection but not ssh

looking in ifconfig showed interface en2 UP with IP .188 of source
looking smit showed en0 with right IP .157 of target system,
checking NIC showed en0,1,2

HMC showed for LPAR virtual IO two Ethernets 2.20 and 2.19, which are
related to 2 VIOs with one virtual Ethernets as well (VIO1 has 2.20
and VIO2 2.19)

on my new client I assume that en0 and en1 are virtual Ethernets that
are 'joint' in ether-channnel interface en2

how to 'close' en0 and 1 it will be not possible to manipulate?
why NIM setup don't recognize and use en0 instead of en2?
what is good practice here?