Thanks, actually I think exceed is finding the font, but not
consistently on all apps. I have rom14.500 set as my font for xterm,
aixterm, and emacs. If I open xterm, I get a nice rom14.500. If I
open aixterm, I get the messed-up font, and same in emacs text buffer.
But the emacs font menu popup (with shift-leftmouse in emacs) has the
nice rom14.500! So I'm a bit baffled by it all....

Fredrik Lundholm wrote:
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> wrote:
> >Any AIX users out there who know of a general Unix font that looks
> >similar to rom14.500? I'm having a problem only in emacs 21.3, only
> >when viewed in Exceed, such that emacs doesn't properly display the

> Actually it is up to exceed in your PC to find and display the font.
> I can think of two solutions: Get the font on the PC/exceed install,
> make sure that your font path points to a directory containing the font.
> Alternatively, start an(X) font server on your AIX machine and point
> exceed to that ('xset fp + itcp/pofaixmachine:7100'
> Google fontpath and exceed.
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> Fredrik
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