steven_nospam at Yahoo! Canada wrote:
> As for why the Oracle users suddenly had all sorts of problems, I'm not
> sure why that would happen unless you were getting so much noise and
> "Respawning too rapidly" messages that it caused the system to slow
> down or hang. The tty setup should have affected just that tty and just
> that user logging on, not all users on the system.
> Steve

Thanks. Steve; yes, I'm baffled as to what had happened. There are no
users logging on to this server, other than myself, and perhaps a
developer or two, but at the time of the incident, there was just me.
There were no errors indicating an issue, and I could sign on and off
at will, so it didn't appear to be a slowdown. topas showed no load on
the server at all.

The reboot seems to have taken care of the problem; Oracle came back up
and users were happy. I still have the issue of no console connectivty
to the box. I will be setting yp hyperterm, but don't want to cause the
same issue; any suggestions?