Hey all,

My situation is that I am a computer operator who has been put in charge of running a bunch of mindless tasks that could easily be automated with a little work.

Our programmers say they have to much on their plate to be helping me, which doesn’t make sense cause after all is cleared up, I could help THEM, but hey, that’s middle management.

I have since automated jobs in a windows and AS/400 environment, but now am stuck when it comes to the AIX environment. I found that our team is more apt to do something if I lay out the coding for them, so I’m wondering if we have anyone out there who’s proficient enough in AIX 4.3.2 to write what I hope is 30 seconds of code to help me out.

The gig is at 19:00 every night I log onto our “Unity” system and type in 1 line of code to kick off our nightly backup


Then hit enter.

Seems to me like something that shouldn’t take that much to set up as an automated task.

Also, not sure if it helps, but the directory that it’s typed in is [root@unity]/usr/bin #

Thanks for looking and for any help you can provide!