Hi All,

I am running a simple C++ program, which is pushing some double and
string values in vector untill it fails because of unable to allocate
memory. When first i executed it it failed after allocating the 12% of
the memory even almost 90 % memory was free.

After that i have set the LDR_CNTRL=MAXDATA value to 3.25 GB, after
that it started using the 40% of the memory. But my requirement is to
use the 70% of the memory for my application.

Can someoe please suggest some tunning required for OS? Also from nmon
output i have observed that the 40% of the memory for a particular
process is being used by the file system cache.

I dont understand why it is happening. may be because of the process
is unable to get the real memory. Can it be reduced?

Please help.