AIX 5300-06-03-0732
openssh/openssl installed from IBM's installp downloads.

I have sftp logging to a file and it works as I want it to - login
time, files transferred information, and logout time, but when I build
a chroot jail, and sftp to the server,
the only thing logged is the login time, or more specifically
"Accepted password for ...." message. No logging about the file
transfers or logout info.

I'm looking for suggestions as to how to get the same logging with the
chroot jail setup as I do without it. Anybody got any ideas?

In the openbsd manpages for syslogd, there is this information, but -a
isn't supported with AIX. There is a -p option but that is for
changing the location
it appears, not an additional logging socket.

-a path
Specify a location where syslogd should place an
additional log
socket. Up to about 20 additional logging sockets can be
fied. The primary use for this is to place additional
log sock-
ets in /dev/log of various chroot filespaces.

I'm just trying to make the auditors happy with the logging - we are
sent data that we later process in batch production, or put a file out
for the department to come get from us. I'm open to other ways of
getting this info as well, such as auditing, which we don't have
turned on, and not so sure this would show up there anyway.