hi all

i just found one of my p650 server showing a warning message when i
tried to run bosboot command after upgrading TL to AIX 530803.

i also tried to run chpv -c hdisk0 and chpv -c hdisk1 to clear out the
old boot info in hdisk0 and hdisk1 and rerun bosboot -a. it still
showed the warning.

any idea?

Test:root.common:/>bosboot -a

0301-177 A previous bosdebug command has changed characteristics of
boot image. Use bosdebug -L to display what these changes

bosboot: Boot image is 38058 512 byte blocks.
Test:root.common:/>bootlist -m normal -o
hdisk1 blv=hd5
hdisk0 blv=hd5
Test:root.common:/>bosdebug -L
Memory debugger off
Memory sizes 0
Network memory sizes 0
Kernel debugger off
Real Time Kernel off
Backtracking fault log on
Kernext Memory Tracking off

thanks in advance,