I have a dot-matrix printer that is slaved to a PC requesting receipts
from our RS/6000 and just recently started having some print problems.
It has worked for over 10 years with no problems, other than having to
replace worn out printers.
The printer is used to print receipts and may not be used for a period
of time depending on how busy we are. If the time is less than about 30
minutes the receipts print properly, but after that time the receipt may
be corrupted. By corrupted I mean lines missing, lines in the wrong
order, etc.
I am not sure where to start in looking for the problem, with the PC
that the printer is slaved to, with the printer, or maybe some setting
on the RS/6000. Would it make any difference if I started each receipt
with a CR (or some other signal) followed by a brief wait before it
started printing?