Having a 44p model 170 machine I did a clean base install of AIX 5.3 today.
After a succesful installation I wanted to get it up to the right
maintenance level. So I downloaded a clean set of updates for ML / TL 08
worth almost 2gb and then followed the instructions:

inutoc /opt/sp
bffcreate -c -d /opt/sp
inutoc /opt/sp
smit update_all

Now it started the setup and after a while the system resources goes down to
0-2% cpu and zero harddisk activity. Smit (installp process) says that
bosboot verification has started and then nothing happens.

Is this expected? If so how many hours is this process suppose to take?
I feel I'm missing something because it seems wrong that it should just wait
endlessly but then again it's not quitting or giving any error messages
other than being slow.

-- Henrik