Just wondering if someone out there is able to explain the following:

I have an AIX 5300-04-03 server (64-bit kernel) which by all indications
should be vulnerable to "IY84780: KERNEL MEMORY GARBAGE COLLECTOR FAILS

I checked, this APAR is not installed on the system, and the server has
10 CPUs according to lsdev -Ccprocessor (20 logical CPUs according to

The strange thing is that When I check the the kernel heap using the kdb
command "xm -u", I only ever see CPU0 and CPU2 getting used.

So the problem is unlikely to occur at present since CPU4 and higher
simply aren't in use, but I don't understand why or if they ever will be.

Sure I will upgrade, but at the same time I would also like to
understand why only CPU0 and CPU2 have associated free lists.

I read somewhere that the kernel space organization can differ according
to hardware, not sure if this could play a role. The server is a
9117-570 with 103552MB of RAM.

Any ideas?