Hello Newsgroup,

my question may sound quite strange. Does anybody know about an
incompatibility of SAP's backint program and HACMP cluster password
utility clpasswd.

I had activated through HACMP smit function the cluster password utility
, which replaces AIX standard /usr/bin/passwd by a link to
/usr/bin/passwd -> /usr/es/sbin/cluster/utilities/clpasswd. After having
done that, backint does not work any more. There are no error messages,
backint just got stuck. The only message i do see:

UTL-File: /adsm/backint/EDI/initEDI_RZ1L.utl

Data Protection for mySAP.com(R) technology

Interface between SAPDBA Utilities and Tivoli Storage Manager
- Version 3, Release 3, Modification 2 for AIX LF 64-bit -
Build: 196J compiled on Jun 5 2003
(c) Copyright IBM Corporation, 1996, 2003, All Rights Reserved.

BKI2027I: Using TSM-API version (compiled with
BKI2000I: Successfully connected to PROLE on port tdpr3ora64.
BKI0005I: Start of program at: Wed Oct 24 13:15:01 2007 .

Any hints or comments appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Uwe Auer