First, a little caveat: I am not experienced in the SMTP and email
configurations on UNIX hosts. I know my network basics, but always
seem to have an issue getting email to work properly on my servers.

I have a RS/6000 server running AIX 5.2 that I need to allow emails to
be sent out. My current email server is managed by an internet
provider. What I want to do is have the AIX server act just like any
of our Windows PC's running Outlook, in that I want the email from to be sent out as ""
through the ISP-provided mail service.

>From reading articles here and on the sendmail groups, I determined

that I needed to make changes to the /etc/ file and refresh
my sendmail daemon. These changes were as follows:

# my official domain name
# ... define this only if sendmail cannot automatically determine your

# Relay host to forward outgoing mail not in the local domain to.

I am now able to send emails out to internet addresses (such as without any issues. However, when I send a mail to someone
within the same company (, the mail appears to be
going out (it does not end up in dead.letter or stay in /var/spool/
mqueue) but the user never gets it.

Our mail support group claims that this lost mail is because the
server is interpreting these mails as an attempt to relay emails, and
"...The server admins made it clear that mail relaying will not be
supported in any way on the shared servers..."

However, why would the "relayed" mail be going out okay to an internet
email address, but not to local addresses?

Does anyone have a simple method to have the RS/6000 send any of its
mail out without having to relay and to allow it to go out for both
local and internet mail?

Thx for any advice on areas to review.